Loyalty Program

Did you enjoy your stay? Become our regular client and get attractive discounts and bonuses! 
How does it work? First, sign up for our newsletter (the main page, bottom left, yellow icon). Do not worry, we will not bother you more than five times a year. We will send you the customer code. With this code, always book your stay, as through our booking system (enter the code in the note), or through an e-mail. Get the bonuses from your second stay!

Conditions and bonuses:

  • after your second stay, get permanent discount 5% 
  • for every other stay, your discount will be increased by 2%
  • maximum amount of your loyalty discount is 11%. This amount is accomplished after your 5th stay
  • after your 6th stay, you get the special bonus: discount of 11% & breakfast free
  • your next stays will be permanently bonused by 11% discount and free breakfast
  • loyalty discounts can be combined with our various specials stay packages up to a max. amount of the basic package discounts of 10% incl. 
  • for packages with a discount above 10% is no longer possible to apply a loyalty discount
  • loyalty program is valid for stays by initiation the program, 24th of November 2014. Not applicable to previous stays!
  • customer code is not transferable and applies only to the proprietor of the e-mail address and the immediate family (partner, children)
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